Lonnie Jones

Lonnie is a Licensed Professional Counselor, minister, chaplain, consultant and an experiential educator.

Lonnie has been married to his wife Jacque for 32 years. She teaches Ore Engineering at Huntsville Junior High.

They live and work in the Huntsville, AL area and attend the Meridianville Congregation.



Theme:  The Rock

Speakers:  Lonnie Jones, Cody Peery & Jonathan Anderson

Song Leader:  Jerry Elder

Topics:  Etched in Rock, Solid as a Rock, Splitting the Rock, Founded on the Rock, Entombed in Rock

Stay Tuned:  More details to follow!

2016 Highlights

Power of the Gospel - Andrew:

Power of Salvation - Josh:

Friday Night Singing:

2017 Schedule

(Download 2017 Schedule HERE)

Friday 22

6:00-7:00         Registration

7:00-7:30         Singing - Jerry Elder

7:30-8:15          Etched in Rock - Lonnie Jones

8:15-8:45         Chandelier Singing

8:45-9:00        Closing & meeting with Host Home Families


Saturday 23

9:00-9:30         Morning Wakeup with Jerry & Web

9:30-9:45         Singing - Jerry Elder

9:45-10:15         Solid as a Rock - Cody Peery

10:15-10:30         Break

10:30-10:45        Singing – Jerry Elder

10:45-11:30         Splitting the Rock - Lonnie Jones

11:30-2:30          Cave Tours & Lunch in Town

2:30-4:30         Ultimate Frisbee Games, etc...

4:30-6:30         Supper

6:30-6:45         Back in the Cave

6:45-7:30         Jeff Phillips - Dog Trainer

7:30-8:15          Singing - Jerry Elder

8:15-9:00          Founded on the Rock - Cody Peery

9:00               Dismiss

Sunday 24  

9:00-11:00 (Worship) Entombed in Rock - Jonathan Anderson

Cody Peery

Cody Peery was born and raised in the small town of Halls, Tennessee. He attended Freed-Hardeman University and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in youth and family ministry in 2014. Cody preached for the Halls Church of Christ after graduating until he moved to Henderson, Kentucky to work with the Henderson Church of Christ in April of 2015. Cody just recently moved to Florence, Alabama to work as the youth minister of the Florence Blvd. Church of Christ in July of 2016. Cody is married to his wonderful wife and partner in ministry Ashley.  Cody is an avid outdoorsman, and is extremely passionate about working with youth in the Lord’s Church.